Saturday, April 12, 2008

Have your self a Pillow Fight

The people who live above me have parties, frequently. The people who live below me have parties, frequently, this means I often times find myself listening to the banging of drums or the sweet strumming of the guitar late into the night, right now the tenants above me in apartment 33 are strumming their guitars and it makes me feel like I really belong in Boston.

It’s funny how these weird things make me feel more apart of Boston. In fact it was just the other day that I found myself singing Spice Girls inappropriately loud and smacking people with pillows in a massive pillow fight in Copley square, Oh man was it fun!! singing the songs of my childhood and releasing energy into the Universe by randomly smacking people with down feather pillows. Something about this experience helped me release stored up energy into the universe and it was wonderful!

When I got back home and I was so happy and I kept laughing at my self for getting so much joy out of whacking people with a feather pillow. And I suppose when I really come to think of it, a pillow fight is a rather funny situation because in a normal environment I would not be so inclined to simply whack a random individual, but I suppose when its done with a feather filled pillow it seems a little less like you need to enroll in an anger management course and a little bit more like a healthy release of energy.

So…next time you feel a certain level of built up energy make a date to have a pillow fight. Call a good friend grab a pillow and turn on some good music, sing laugh and release – have a pillow fight.


The Everett's said...

I love you Katie.

Carly Jo said...

I really want to hit you with a pillow right now :)

Katasha Lyn said...

You are wonderful and I love you. I like the new layout :)