Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get lost in a Gigantic omelet

Several months ago, January to be precise, my friend Maya and I could not figure out what to do with ourselves on a freezing Saturday night. After missing the movie that we had set out to go see we dejectedly began walking back to a place of warmth, or at least a place that could spark some new ideas for a brilliant Saturday evening excursion, one slightly frost bitten nose and several tingly toes later we finally arrived at Maya’s apartment and began brainstorming what we could do with the rest of our evening that would be simply unforgettable.
We looked up clubs on line and then realized that neither one of us was old enough to get into a club. We looked up local events but most of the events had already passed and so that left us back to square one. After a good ½ hour of research we began to get hungry and so we headed over to the kitchen to see what we could whip up. As we looked into Maya’s seemingly empty cupboards, we decided to resort to the refrigerator, finding eggs and an assortment of varied vegetables we decided that we would make ourselves a GIGANTIC omelet! As we began chopping the onions and tomatoes for our dinner, we started listening to some African music and by the time, we sat down for dinner we were both entranced by the music. One of us would take a bite of the omelet and then do some sort of dance movement, we continued with this game back and forth for several minutes until it turned into a full out improve jam in Maya’s living room! The omelet was delicious and it was as though we were feeding ourselves something magical letting us move to the inspiring African drums. As we danced into the dark January night, our food disappeared filling not only our bellies but also our souls.
So next time you are sitting around on a Saturday night without anything to do make your self an omelet and let the magic of the moment take over you.

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maya said...

That was an amazing night! I love magical moments that come out of no where, as if they were just lurking behing the corner waiting for you to stumble upon them.