Thursday, May 22, 2008

The People I see in Boston

The Beagle Men

Nearly every week I run into the “Beagle Men” walking the streets of Boston. It is always in a different location, whether it be in front of Whole Foods, my School or randomly on Boylston St. I almost always with out fail I run into the, “Beagle Men” weekly. Now you may be asking your self, who are the “Beagle Men” well yes indeed, who are the “Beagle Men?” In many cases, it is still a mystery to me who these men are, but this much I do know...The “Beagle Men” are these two wonderful oddly old shaped men that walk the streets of Boston with their fat sausage like beagles, it’s as simple as that, and they make me laugh, and they make me wonder, WHY? Why do they own beagles, are they brothers, best friends, acquaintances, partners, who knows? The thing is I have never talked to either of them and yet I feel distinctly connected to these two funny sweater-wearing old men. They are a part of Boston that makes it magical. So next time you come to Boston be on the lookout for these two oddly shaped old men and their fat sausage like beagles I am positive that they will brighten you day!

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