Friday, August 1, 2008

I'M 21 !

I'm really terrible at taking pictures so I have to give credit to every single one of the pictures on my blog to someone else, most of them come from my very talented and amazing friend Katasha Cox, if you have not checked out her blog or know who she is please click on her name on the right hand column because she is fantastic, her birthday is in July and she loves the color red...what more do you need in order to be kindred spirits? No, but really she is fantastic and we got to share our Birthday party together, we had a whole bunch of our friends over for cake and ice cream and it was a lot of fun! I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people, although I was not with my family I was so grateful for my loving roommates and friends who have literally become my Boston family!

Right now I am 21, still single, living in Boston, dancing, and spiritualy progressing.


The Wood Family said...

happy birthday! yay for being 21! you can't drink, but you can go on a mission! exciting!

and thanks for your comment! you were right, i won't be in boston in October anymore...but thank you for almost letting me stay with you!

come visit me in NY before i leave! or after i get back!


vallarsen49 said...

you started twilight? It's all over now. I'm holding on to the fact that I'll be able to finish before school starts. It's seriously a bad thing. You read and read and read and read and then you want to shoot yourself because you haven't accomplished anything else and it's 2:00 in the morning and you're mad that you have to get up at 6:00 and be a normal human being instead of reading some MORE. It's gluttony. Vomit

Scott & Melinda said...

Hey Katie Lady,
This is Melinda Kunz Page, I know its been way too long. How the heck are ya? Where are you? I think I stalked you from facebook, sorry about that. Your pictures from the castle are the coolest things ever! I made a little ode to you on my blog, I hope you don't I really do sound stalkerish, sorry about that. Well remember that picture we got on tour from that guy who was selling our pictures, well I need to get that to you! So maybe I will post it or if you would rather I'll mail it to ya. I hope everything is great!