Thursday, June 11, 2009

How are you today? I am SUPER!! = Apidi Erukeringa

As I rolled out of bed sticky and wet I grabbed my towel and bathroom caddy and went to go shower. While pouring the cool water down my back I watched a moth skitter across the ceiling. The music of India and children laughing filled my ears. I could not help but wonder where that moth had been and what it had seen. I began to wonder if I were a creature with wings what I would be able to see. I have felt a bit like a winged creature the past few weeks while I have literally flown across the world seeing the amazing sights of India, smelling the interesting smells and helping the amazing people or Thottanaval. I have already learned so much and I wish that I could fully express everything that has happened to me while here in this magical land, and honestly, India is magical. I have found a renewed faith in humanity, in life and the power of one person.

Today all of my classes went extremely well, each class I taught paid attention. I taught 2nd standard, UKG and 4th standard, tonight I will be working with the oldest group in an after school class. The children are all very receptive and love to dance!! I have never been around so many students who genuinely LOVE to move more than these children do. Today during 4th standard the P.T. teacher, Johnson, watched class in the Mango grove and even tried to do some of the steps I taught the kids. Yes, that’s right I teach 20-30 kids at a time in 100+ degree weather out in a mango grove and it is, as they would say, SUPER!! I come back from teaching and am covered with sweat but it is 100% worth it, especially on days like today because as we were coming back inside from the mango grove I was talking with Johnson. He first asked how long I had been dancing and was very impressed with my flexibility; he asked if I ate anything special in order to be flexible. After telling him that I simply eat healthy, he turned to me and said, you are giving these children a great gift, thank you, they love you. He then proceeded to ask how long I would be in town and when I told him I would be leaving at the end of the month he was very disappointed. I could not believe how complementary he was, it really made my day and also made me realize just how important it is that I find a way to make this program sustainable.
I have been so impressed with how quickly the children pick up, especially the boys. The boys in many ways are better than the girls because they are very disciplined and focused. As we stretch and move I always tell the kids that they are more than just themselves and that with hard work they can do whatever they want in life, when we flap our wings in class I tell them… the SKY IS THE LIMIT!! Dream big, you can do it!!

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