Sunday, January 20, 2008

In Retrospect (April 4th 2007)

Yellow trees shimmer at the edge of black rainbows and sweatshirts like it when girls wear them upside down or on the side. Jeans are comfortable but only when worn on Sundays, breakfasts with lemon bring sunshine until it congeals and hardens, only to be softened again by the man at the subway station without a coat, and once again by the couple down the hall in room 4a who have been fighting now for over 6 months. The Newsstand is full of useful information, but only for those who do not eat tomatoes on Tuesdays. Yes life is funny and seen in a lot of different ways, and I personally like cracking the sugar on the top of my creme Brule but then again it happens every so often that I barley remember what it is to taste sugar. I wish that I could do everything I know I am capable of.

What do you mean?...

One may say if your capable then what would stop such glorious things from happening. But I would like to interject that there is the issue of time. Time is a relative matter and a tree planted in 1810 is still standing, yet it has aged. My grandma was planted at the beginning of the 21st century and is now in her 70’s. Time is relative, and a great measurement that in reality may or may not even matter. If you look at a color long enough your cornea begins to swim and lose sight of the crazy monkeys that seem to constantly jump up and down back and forth playing double dutch for extended periods of time. Jimmy the record store owner talked about getting ride of all of the old records until there would be nothing. Nothing but silence. Some people simply can not listen to monkey’s anymore and play games and try to discover how to create the silence. Jimmy was smart when he asked Louis how to pickle ham and roast marshmallows because it was another way of dealing with the monkey’s. Yet Louis had no answer. He was silent, as so many of us are. So many people are looking for something besides monkeys and double Dutch, but getting out of the every day is sometimes difficult. I once saw a girl sitting on the street drinking a Coke and eating a small loaf of bread. The street was dirty and covered in a collage of various cigarette buds. Carelessly thrown away or put out by five toes. The silver dust seemed to hover over the street covering the surface of the girls bread. Stale yeast and mildewing aluminum cans lined the edges of the rail road tracks.

Its snowing, the white pieces of lint fall continually blanketing double lines and smashed cigarettes. Its April 4th and I'm sewed into a paper doll without feeling. Paper dolls always bothered me. They, smile. You can change their clothes, but they never change, they are always smiling and their hair stays the same I AM REAL my hair is knotted when I wake up and my clothes are sometimes wrinkled. I AM REAL. When I turn of the lights I am still standing, doing hopscotch. Do you count to ten? I tend to skip 4 and 7 and occasionally 9. When ever I wear my glasses I feel like I am dreaming. Think of what it would be like to be in the looking glass. Alice was lucky that Lewis Carol was cracked out when he put her in the looking glass because crack only lasts for so long. Finding what is REAL what is TRUE what is of GOD is the most important.

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