Sunday, January 20, 2008

RED sweatshirt

The summer before I moved away to school I found myself full of an immense amount of ardent anticipation and it hurt. During all of the eager waiting my family traveled to a nearly 100 degree Utah and I wore a RED sweatshirt almost the entire trip. What was I thinking? I had packed enough shirts to last me the entirety of the vacation and had plenty of other fabulous shirts at home that I could have chosen to bring with me, however I stayed with the RED sweatshirt. It was comfortable, and one of those articles of clothig that you don't know exactly where you got it but seems to just magically appear one day as though it were always supposed to be a part of your story. In fact this sweatshirt had been so well loved that the average person may not even consider this particular sweatshirt to be red but rather a deep orange red

(is there a better word for orange red, if so I really need to find out.)

I have always referred to it as my E.T. sweatshirt just because of its frighteningly uncanny resemblance to Eliot's sweatshirts in the movie E.T. I was a little overly obsessed with this sweatshirt during this vacation to Utah but it struck me after I had come out to school and lived a semester in Boston I hadn't really taken off that sweatshirt, I was having a seemingly difficult time trying on some of my other options because I was so set on my RED sweatshirt. After the family vacation to Utah I put the sweatshirt back in a box and have only worn it a few times since. However when I came out to Boston I think I somehow I brought it with me in my culture, my upbringing, and my beliefs. When I first arrived in Boston I had a difficult time adjusting to new culture understanding t-shirts that talked about atheism, the legalization of marijuana, abortion, hummus, whole foods, big snow storms, and Boston accents. I found it easy to stay in my RED sweat shirt because it was safe, but it has been over the course of the past two years I have learned to branch out and try on many different t-shirts. I am grateful for all truth and accept and embrace it with open arms, I have learned that truth comes in multitudinous ways and I enjoy finding it in the most obscure places and in people that seem to be forgotten.

This blog is the beginning of my experience of discovering truth, my ability to improve upon my own thoughts adding patches and sewing up ripped pockets on my RED sweatshirt with new and different t-shirts. It is my opportunity to send anything and everything into the universe and let it just BE.

I am listening to John Denver and am playing with ideas of patience, thermodynamics, and non-profit organizations. I am full of a great deal love for life and feel the love of God in my life. It truly is a wonderful life!

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