Saturday, February 9, 2008

In Celebration of a GREY rain

There are certain days that just seem magical. After a long day of class I stepped out into a Grey Rain and immediately felt like retreating to my covers and hibernating until the sun came back up reading an unearthly amount of books and drinking something rich and creamy. But this is where the true celebration occurred, I had several errands that could not be postponed so I bundled up and pulled on my supremely ridiculous moccasins over my jeans and braved the cold grey New England rain. As I headed to the Berklee book store I was suddenly delighted with everyone’s rain gear. Bright yellows and greens, red and blue nothing shabby to say the least.
Unfortunately Berklee did not have what I was looking for, but this only the beginning of my adventure. Re-entering a sea of greens yellows and purples. Splashing through the puddles I found myself in front of Newbury streets famous Trident Book Sellers. It was here that I had one of those, “WOW, I live in Boston” moments. It was a moment that I was able to simply BE, simply exists. Delving into each one of my senses and letting my inner self find joy in the funny smelling mold infested books and rank smelling coffee. The rain had made me alive it was almost as though the Grey rain was some sort of magic fairy dust drizzled from above awaking my inner self. As I walked out of trident I felt full, I felt at peace. Hurrying home through a sea of Rainbow colored galoshes and umbrellas I happened upon one of my favorite gelato stores on Mass Ave. Bon Bon, I was cold and didn’t have the money for gelato. But I am convinced that because of the grey rain I made eye contact with the person working the small gelato shop. She smiled, I smiled, I waved and she waved back. Taking a chance and going into the shop I ended up meeting a new friend and got a free cup of Gelato! Grey rain is the best because it is the type of rain that brings people too life letting them exist among everything else that is taking place within the universe.

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Ryan & Teandra Everett said...

K, seriously Kate, you are the best writer ever! I miss you and all your wonderful ideas. Everytime I go to Barnes & Noble I think of you.